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Integration with Technology

In line with the digital age, we are the one of the select few schools that incorporates technology in our courses to speed up the learning process.

Why Choose Us?

Music & Art School

Experienced Teachers

All MIDIworld Teachers come from a wide range of music genre and are fully qualified to impart the skills of instrumental music

Personalised Curriculum

Our customisable curriculum ensures that your learning needs are met while you have fun learning music

Afforadable Rates

We understand that Singapore has a high cost of living. To demonstrate our passion for music, we try our best to keep our rates affordable so that all can enjoy music.

“Music is not just my job. I consider it to be a joy, but also a challenge and a passion.”
Dominique Thomet


Our Mission

MIDIWorld's mission is to provide quality music education to people of all ages and races. We constantly upgrade our music curriculum to fit the different and changing needs of our students, helping them to feel most comfortable learning music.


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